Andy has been drawing cartoons for thirty years and doing them professionally for nine.  He loves the diverse and unique ideas, stories and visions that his clients have.  Most of all, to be able to convert an idea into a caricature or cartoon is an amazing feeling to have when the creation is well received by an individual.

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne for over fifteen years Andy loves all kinds of animation, digital and vintage, the sea and heavy metal music.  He is joined by his clouder of cats Willow, Simon and Pippin.

Great gifts come from the heart.  A digital caricature of your loved one will make a great gift for any occasion. 


Andy prides himself on making your vision a reality.  Please use the contact form to explain your desired ideas and layout and we can progress from there.  All that is required are your insights and reference images.


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Digital pet portraits give you the opportunity to catch your pet in a realistic way that a photo can't always do.

Pets don't always want to pose for photos.  Use the contact form to explain your requirements and we can start from there. 

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Group portraits make great gifts for teams, work colleagues and wonderful memories at leaving do's.


Any scenario, film, sports, working group can be done with your insights.  Please use the contact form to describe your desired ideas and layout to set the ball rolling.


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